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Notice: This site isn't managed by anyone a part of any of the groups listed below, and is solely a fan project as I love and enjoy the game deeply as do others... I just wanted to provide a place where people of the community could find and rediscover past games and even use them to improve their skills for future games.

Blood on the Clocktower

The base game we are all playing, which all the assets for roles and characters on this site are from the official website's wiki. We highly encourage you to go and purchase a copy of the official game. You can find out more about this game from the official website here:


The place we this website's content originates from is the wonderful VR Platform called NeosVR. All the content you see in screenshots and videos are on this site contain avatars, assets, and other content that are Intelectual Property of their respective owners. If you would like to join and check out the wonderful VR Platform we are playing on, check out the official website here:

Raven's Wood Bluff (NeosVR World)

The game's world is created by the content creation group in NeosVR known as Abnormally Rendered


Finally a huge thank you to everyone who helps contribute to the site by submitting your videos, helping with the code, or even just watching the videos and helping me get the game data into the scripts JSON files that help me make the site functional and informative. This project is nothing without all of you. You can contribute here:


This is a fan site, of a fan project in NeosVR, of Blood on the Clocktower

Blood on the Clocktower is a trademark of Steven Medway and The Pandemonium Institute.

This project and its website are provided free of charge and not affiliated with The Pandemonium Institute in any way.

All video and imagury from NeosVR are respective IP of the creators of in game assets

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