Neos Clocktower Fans

This site is created by Hack13, to help collect and create an archive of the games of Blood on the Clocktower inside of NeosVR. The contents of the site are a collection of recordings, documentation, notes, and official game information from Blood on the Clocktower.

I collect information from each game, compile it into a JSON document, and load it into a database so that this site can query and use the information for rendering the pages and video of each game. If you would like to contribute to the data please feel to reach out to Hack13.

Finally in closing, if you enjoy this collection of content and the game. Be sure to go buy a copy of Blood on the Clocktower or let people know about this wonderful game and check out the credits page.


This is a fan site, of a fan project in NeosVR, of Blood on the Clocktower

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This project and its website are provided free of charge and not affiliated with The Pandemonium Institute in any way.

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