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Neos Clocktower Fans

Welcome to Neos Clocktower Fans Site! This site contains the archive of previously played games of Blood on the Clocktower inside of wonderful platform known as NeosVR. This project is a personal project that was born out of the want to teach myself JavaScript and want to contribute to a community I enjoy being a part of. I however need help to make this the best we can. This site works off of data collected by fans who played, storytellers, and those who watch to help me record the data into a database. If you would like to help contribute, you can do so here:

Please note, that this site is still in early development, and I am still making tons of changes to get it working properly for everyone. Please let me know if you have any recomendations or changes I should make. Again, this is just a big fan site for an amazing game, and record keeping of all the games we play. Nothing on this site is endorsed, sponsored, nor am I a part of NeosVR team that built this (Abnormally Rendered), nor the official Blood on the Clocktower itself.


This is a fan site, of a fan project in NeosVR, of Blood on the Clocktower

Blood on the Clocktower is a trademark of Steven Medway and The Pandemonium Institute.

This project and its website are provided free of charge and not affiliated with The Pandemonium Institute in any way.

All video and imagury from NeosVR are respective IP of the creators of in game assets

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